Abnormal load hauliers

Do you move heavy, long or wide loads?

Spending one hour each day producing and submitting abnormal load notifications equals thirty four business days each year lost to paperwork and it doesn’t add any profit to your bottom line.

Moving an abnormal load without providing a valid abnormal load notification to structure owners and police authorities and you run the risk of fines and prosecution.

If your vehicle and load weighs over 44,000 kg you have a legal duty to notify and indemnify all structure owning authorities of your intention to travel along the roads managed by them. You must give them two clear working days’ notice before you intend to move (or five clear working days of your vehicle and load weight is over 80,000 kg). If your vehicle and load width exceeds 3 meters or its length exceeds 18.75 meters you also have a statutory duty to notify all police forces with two clear working days’ notice before you intend to move.

AbHaulier Services can look after your abnormal load notification paperwork freeing up your time to concentrate on your business and keeping you the right side of the law.

The time it saves me is massive and I can concentrate on running my business

M A Ponsonby Ltd