Do you move mobile cranes heavier than 12 tonnes?

You should be submitting notifications for each move

There is sometimes a misconception that the STGO only applies to heavy cranes. That is not true. Any mobile crane which exceeds 12 tonnes in gross weight is defined as being subject to the Regulations. This is because mobile cranes have heavily loaded, close spaced axles, which can cause serious damage to bridges.

You have a legal duty to notify and indemnify all structure owning authorities of your intention to travel along the roads managed by them. You must give them two clear working days’ notice before you intend to move (or five clear working days of your vehicle and load weight is over 80 tonnes).

If you’re stopped by VOSA or the police without having submitted an abnormal load notification expect a sizeable cost to your business - it is not unusual for the authorities to 'park the vehicle up' while an abnormal load notification is submitted to the relevant authorities. The standard notification period is 2 clear working days. If your excavator is parked up on a Monday, it may not move again Thursday, 4 days hire revenue and up to four unhappy customers lost. Your driver may receive a fixed penalty and there could be company prosecution if infringements reoccur.

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