1Cascade Software Limited is a small company writing software principally in the fields of civil and structural engineering, currently with particular emphasis in the field of abnormal load notification and structure checking. AbHaulier provides the tool for Hauliers and Plant Operators to compile their routes and send their notifications to the correct Structure Owning Authorities (SOAs) and Police Forces, whilst AbLoads provides the abnormal loads management and structure checking process for these SOAs.

Cascade's software has always been written by engineers active in the appropriate engineering field. Every effort is made to maintain contact with the organisations who acquire the software to ensure and encourage client feedback. The opportunity to improve, enhance and, yes, correct our software in response to this feedback is an opportunity not to be missed, and it is rare that, if feasible, a suggestion made by a client is not incorporated at the earliest opportunity. We are fortunate that, because our software has a relatively small circulation, we can respond quickly and effectively in almost all instances.
2Cascade was established in 1990 to market simple user-friendly engineering software developed for use within the engineering consultancy practice of Crouch Waterfall & Partners.

The early Beam and TimBeam programs provided simple structural steel and timber beam design tools to engineers designing and extending domestic and smaller commercial and industrial buildings. Very many satisfied engineers used these invaluable DOS programs. Following the success of these came Analyse, a simple two dimensional frame, truss and grillage analysis program providing further support for small building and foundation design, particularly roofs and raft foundations.

In 1992 Cascade marketed Arch, a unique mechanism method masonry arch bridge analysis program, which achieved considerable success with consulting engineers and local authorities involved in the highway bridge assessment programme current at the time. Upgrades of Analyse were also oriented towards bridge analysis, integrating with Arch and incorporating highway loadings and Wood/Armer reinforcement analysis. Arch has subsequently been upgraded to the 2001 DfT standards and additionally provides for Network Rail railway loadings and MEXE.
31994 saw the start of considerable involvement in the development of software for the management and checking of bridges for abnormal load notifications (AIL's), commissioned by Kent County Council. AbLoads first went operational in 1997, managing Kent's system. AbLoads QuickCheck,which provides just simple bridge checking without the communications, management and mapping elements, came early in 2000, and AbHaulier, a simple and uniform notification tool for abnormal load hauliers and plant operators, was launched in June 2002. The software family also included AbLoads Management which is now discontinued. This was a intermediate product designed for smaller bridge authorities.

In recent years providing our AbLoads software as a service to Structure Owning Authorities has become more popular, and we are currently serving four Highways England Areas and six Local Authorities directly.
Cascade Software is proud to be a member of the Heavy Transport Association (HTA). The HTA is the only specialist trade association for heavy/abnormal load hauliers. HTA members are consequently a highly specialist group of operators with very different needs over other sectors of the transportation industry.

The Association was originally formed in 1983 and its operator members specialise in the movement of abnormal loads. HTA Members meet at quarterly General Meetings. Due to geographic spread of membership, meeting venues generally alternate between the North of England and the South Midlands. The HTA is a member of ESTA (The European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes) and has held the Presidency for 3 years.

For more information on the HTA please visit www.hta.uk.net.

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