Deliver professional & efficient abnormal load notification management.

Managing the abnormal loads notification process is a costly exercise for all those involved. It adds nothing to the bottom line and it doesn’t generate any revenue. Yet it must be done to safeguard bridge and other structural assets.

Running a team in-house to process notifications is expensive.  Salaries, staff benefits, recruitment, cover for holidays or sickness, training costs, IT costs, office space, software, it all adds up to a sizeable amount. Outsourcing removes any responsibility for recruiting, training and retaining staff, covering staff holidays and sickness and provides fixed budgetary costing which is vital to authorities already struggling with tight budgets.

Less strain, more financial gain

Cascade’s AbLoads Outsourced service already processes 10,000 abnormal load notifications each month on behalf of structure owning authorities. With 25 years’ experience in this field, we deliver a professional, reliable and timely service on behalf of our customers reducing pressure in-house, providing fixed costs and protecting structural assets.

We have significantly reduced our operational costs and removed the reliance to manage, support and train a specialised in house team.

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald