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We are justifiably proud of our reputation as the leading abnormal loads software and services provider but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say.

Hauliers, plant companies, crane companies & mobile home manufacturers

"In a fast paced, cost focused industry like road transport, you need fast paced & cost focused support. That's exactly what you get from Cascade. From short notice local jobs through to the really heavy specialist and often long distance loads they have expertise, and equally importantly, the will, to get things moving when you need them moved..."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to Southdown Engineers Ltd

"The service is great, hassle free and low cost and the time it saves me is considerable."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to Blockade Services Ltd

"It’s great knowing that all our abnormal load paperwork can be arranged with just one phone call to Cascade. Cascade provide a very professional and cost effective service."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to T Georgeson

"We have been using AbHaulier for just over a year and have found that this system is far superior to other systems we have used in the past. The advantages of AbHaulier far outweigh the minimal cost for the software. The routes are plotted within seconds which we can then amend if necessary to deal with known roadworks etc. In addition to our extensive hire fleet of excavators up to 30 ton, complimented with dumpers, rollers and telehandlers we carry out a considerable amount of work with our low loader moving customers own machines and therefore it is important that any abnormal load issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. We have no qualms in recommending AbHaulier to all Hauliers as, without a doubt, using AbHaulier is something our customers appreciate as we can confirm the transport costs and preferred routes with them instantly. When you then link this to the time saved by our staff in preparing quotations/routes there is no doubt that currently there is no better system on the market.."
AbHaulier used in house by Keaveney Group

"The personal service and support from the team is second to none."
AbHaulier used in house by Foundation Piling

"AbHaulier is easy to use, fast and gets the job done in record time."
AbHaulier used in house by Bronzeshield

"Great efficient service we’ve always had from you! Always at the end of the phone if we need any questions answering or any help with the software, which is not very often as the system seems so simple to use!"
AbHaulier used in house by Cranage Haulage

"Loving the new system, a million times better than ESDAL!"
AbHaulier used in house by John Sutch Cranes

"AbHaulier has become an integral part to our operation in the movement of abnormal loads. Once trained the software is very simple to use, it has saved me time and coupled up with its  cost effectiveness allows us to be able to keep competitive and compliant."
AbHaulier used in house by J K Ashbrook

“Because AbHaulier checks my route against abnormal load road restrictions and alerts me if I’ve crossed one, I can get my routes right first time saving lots of phone calls from local authorities asking a for a change of route.”
AbHaulier used in house by King Lifting

“After we struggled with ESDAL, we have found that AbHaulier is much more user friendly."
AbHaulier used in house by Lambert Brothers Heavy Haulage Ltd

“My monthly routes used to take 2 days now they take 15 minutes."
AbHaulier used in house by Mammoet

“AbHaulier makes the notifiation process so simple. We are compliant without spending all our time on notification paperwork."
AbHaulier used in house by Northbank Demolition

“Especially during busy times, AbHaulier is both a simple & cost effective method of notifying abnormal loads that will save time & money. Without doubt the product & back up is better than anything else currently available. I would have no hesitation in recommending to other hauliers."
AbHaulier used in house by Ovenden

“You’ll wonder how you coped without AbHaulier. The personal service is second to none."
AbHaulier used in house by S A Smith

“The price point of AbHaulier is tough to beat for what it gives you back in time and effort."
AbHaulier used in house by Cadman Plant

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone submitting abnormal load notifications via ESDAL or manually."
AbHaulier used in house by Chappells of Stubbington

“Excellent, 100% improvement from our manual system."
AbHaulier used in house by Rushyford

“As soon as I set up my free trial of AbHaulier I knew I wouldn’t go back to using ESDAL, even if it was free. AbHaulier does the job brilliantly!"
AbHaulier used in house by Donnell & Ellis

“Fantastic product, great service, superb support – AbHaulier is an invaluable part of my day to day operations."
AbHaulier used in house by West of Scotland Heavy Haulage

“I can get my notifications prepared and sent out within minutes."
AbHaulier used in house by Williams Shipping

“We get a first class service every time even with only a few hours' notice for a movement. They are always willing to go that extra bit further to make sure the job is notified correctly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the AbHaulier Service; I don't know what we would do without it."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to Aasvogel

“I have been using AbHaulier Services to manage my abnormal load notifications for the past few months. They are diligent, efficient and reliable which means I can relax knowing that the legal requirements of abnormal load notifications have been fulfilled correctly."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to A S Taylor Transport

“The AbHaulier service is friendly, prompt, efficient and value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending them."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to C J Gray

“The service is great, hassle free and low cost. The time it saves me is massive; I can concentrate on running my business rather than battling with notification admin. After being encouraged to use ESDAL we tried but it was difficult to use and really slow."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to M A Ponsonby

“Such an easy, hassle free service. Staff are more than helpful, exceptionally friendly and go above and beyond expectations. Routing, especially through London, can prove time consuming and stressful, this service alleviates all those hassles and worries. On the odd occasion we have asked for the routes to be “tweaked” to suit the particular type of vehicle, this has proven to be an easy straightforward process."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to Berry Cranes

“With AbHaulier Service we can meet our customers delivery expectations without worrying about all the paperwork that needs to be done."
AbHaulier provided as a service by Cascade to Barrack Hill Quarries

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AbHaulier services customer faulkner
AA & SJ Faulkner Ltd
SRC Group
SRC Group
Horizon Reinforcing & Crane Co Ltd
Horizon Reinforcing & Crane Co Ltd
AbHaulier customer sasmith
S A Smith Low Loaders
AbHaulier customer lamberts
Lambert Brothers Haulage Ltd
AbHaulier customer bronzeshield
Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd
AbHaulier customer lhfeatherstone
L H Featherstone Heavy Haulage
Gradewell Group
Shaw Haulage
Shaw Haulage Ltd
S G Haulage
S G Haulage Ltd
Chris Wright (Baildon) Ltd
Chris Wright (Baildon) Ltd
Tyremen UK Ltd
Collett & Sons Ltd
AbHaulier customer centralcranehire
Central Crane Hire (Hull) Ltd
AbHaulier customer tdr
TDR Transport Services Ltd
LMD (Construction Services)
Ally MacPherson
Ally MacPherson (Services) Ltd
AbHaulier services customer Barrack Hill Quarries
Barrack Hill Quarries
AbHaulier customer johnsutch
John Sutch Crane Hire
Howell Heavy Haulage Ltd
Howell Heavy Haulage Ltd
McGeoghan Plant Hire Ltd
AbHaulier customer lwwilson
Wilson L & W (Endmoor) Ltd
AbHaulier customer sangwin
Sangwin Group
AbHaulier services customer daytona
Daytona Heavy Haulage Ltd
AbHaulier services customer fords
Fords Transport
GCE Hire
GCE Hire
AbHaulier customer northbank
Northbank Demolition Co Ltd
AbHaulier customer aeyates
A E Yates Ltd
AbHaulier customer chappells
Chappells Of Stubbington Ltd
AbHaulier customer fgs
FGS Plant Ltd
Heavy Transport Solutions
Heavy Transport Solutions
AbHaulier customer jkashbrook
J K Ashbrook Ltd
Hallett Silbermann Ltd
Loades Movements
AbHaulier customer aspin
Aspin Foundations Ltd
AbHaulier customer emerson
Emerson Crane Hire Ltd
Hutchinson Engineering Services
Hutchinson Engineering Services Ltd
GRS Production Logistics
GRS Production Logistics
Chamberlain Crane Hire
Chamberlain Crane Hire
Pughs Haulage
Pugh's Haulage
K D Demolition
K D Demolition
J & M Crane & Transport
J & M Crane & Transport
AbHaulier services customer gray
Gray Plant Hire Ltd
AbHaulier services customer hawk
Hawk Group
Carey London Ltd
Carey London Ltd
Falcon Tower Crane Services Ltd
Falcon Tower Crane Services Ltd
AbHaulier customer kinglifting
King Lifting
McCabe Transport
McCabe Transport
Anglian Excavations Ltd
Anglian Excavations Ltd
Ainscough Industrial Services
Ainscough Industrial Services
AbHaulier customer donnell
Donnell & Ellis Heavy Haulage
Cork Crane Hire
Cork Crane Hire Limited
AbHaulier services customer cmse
Construction Materials South East
B & T Plant Hire
B & T Plant Hire Ltd
AbHaulier services customer dbj
DBJ Transport Ltd
AbHaulier services customer dds
DDS Demolition
AbHaulier customer gse
GSE Group
AbHaulier services customer connop
Connop & Son Ltd
Oakwood Plant
Oakwood Plant
AbHaulier customer foundation
Foundation Piling Ltd
AbHaulier services customer filtermech
Filtermech Plant Sales Ltd
AbHaulier services customer wessex
Wessex Demolition & Salvage
Baldwins Crane Hire
Baldwins Crane Hire
Sparrow Crane Hire
Sparrow Crane Hire
AbHaulier services customer rrc
Road Rail Cranes
Robru Steel Erection
P Young Transport
P Young Transport
AbHaulier customer williamsshipping
Williams Shipping
AJ & MJ Plant
AJ & MJ Plant Sales Ltd
M K Plant
M K Plant Transport
Squirrel Marine
Squirrel Marine
A R Demolition
A R Demolition Ltd
T W Bowler
T W Bowler Ltd
Lee Lifting Services
Lee Lifting Services
Reigart Contracts Ltd
Reigart Contracts Ltd
Direct Transportation
Direct Transportation
John Brindley
John Brindley Ltd
AbHaulier services customer orbital
Orbital Equipment Ltd
Bray Cranes
Bray Cranes
Heavyhaul (Chelmsford) Ltd
Heavyhaul (Chelmsford) Ltd
Castle Commercial
Castle Commercial
David Howells
David Howells Transport
Readypower Engineering Ltd
S McDaid Haulage
S McDaid Haulage
AbHaulier customer cadman cranes
Cadman Cranes
G A Smith
G A Smith Ltd
RJ & I Wells
RJ & I Wells
Coinford Plant Ltd
PRS Distribution
PRS Distribution
Toureen Group
Toureen Group
E J Lidster
J & M Crane & Transport
Pod-Trak Ltd
AbHaulier customer pentalver
AbHaulier services customer aasvogel
AbHaulier customer southern
Southern Cranes & Access Ltd
AbHaulier customer westofscotland
West of Scotland Heavy Haulage Ltd
AbHaulier customer truswells
John Truswell & Sons (Garage) Limited
SJH All Plant Sales
SJH - All Plant Group Ltd
AbHaulier customer ovenden
Ovenden Earthmoving Company Ltd
AbHaulier services customer southdown
Southdown Engineers Ltd
Moorhead Excavations
Moorhead Excavations
AbHaulier services customer Blockade Services
Blockade Services
AbHaulier services customer astaylor
A S Taylor Transport Ltd
C P L Transport
C P L Transport
AbHaulier customer mammoet
Hunter Plant Hire
Hunter Plant Hire
Tractor Exports Ltd
Tractor Exports Ltd
AbHaulier customer coussens
Coussens of Bexhill Ltd
AbHaulier customer hs
H & S Contractors Ltd
AbHaulier customer ainscough
Ainscough Crane Hire Ltd
Kings Heavy Haulage (Bristol) LTD
Kings Heavy Haulage (Bristol) LTD
Peake Plant
Peake Plant Transport Ltd
Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd
Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd
Greater London Group
Greater London Demolition
Pat McGowan Transport
Pat McGowan Transport
AbHaulier services customer jmc
JMC Hire
AbHaulier services customer maponsonby
M A Ponsonby
AbHaulier customer cadman plant
Cadman Plant Ltd
NDC Services Ltd
Ruttle Plant
Ruttle Plant
Collins Earthworks
Collins Earthworks Ltd
L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage Ltd
L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage Ltd
Witney Plant Hire Ltd
Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd
Chris Bennett (Heavy Haulage) Ltd
Metcalfe Farms
Metcalfe Farms
AbHaulier customer hall
Hall Construction
AbHaulier services customer tgeorgeson
T Georgeson Haulage
Baldwins Support Services
Baldwins Support Services
AbHaulier customer beck
Beck & Pollitzer Engineering Ltd
AbHaulier services customer Berry Cranes Ltd
Berry Cranes Ltd
AbHaulier customer nicksampson
Nick Sampson Mechanical Engineering Services
AbHaulier services customer erith
MDF Transport
MDF Transport
B D Haulage
B D Haulage
AbHaulier services customer cjgray
C J Gray Plant Hire Ltd
AbHaulier services customer wbs
W B Services UK Ltd
AbHaulier customer clancy
Clancy Docwra Ltd
AbHaulier services customer coyle
Coyle Haulage Ltd
Syd Bishop
Syd Bishop Demolition
AbHaulier customer bpmitchell
B P Mitchell Ltd
AbHaulier customer cranage
Cranage Haulage Ltd
NMT Crane Hire Ltd
NMT Crane Hire Ltd
AbHaulier customer vdlist
Van der Vlist
John Dickinson
John Dickinson Transport
Woods Commericals
Woods Commericals
Doherty Heavy Haulage
Doherty Heavy Haulage
AbHaulier customer keaveney
Keaveney Contractors Ltd
G F Job
G F Job Ltd
O'Halloran & O'Brien Ltd
O'Halloran & O'Brien Ltd
D A Haulage
D A Haulage
AbHaulier services customer sehh
South East Heavy Haulage
AbHaulier customer mkleech
M K Leech Heavy Haualge
Vaughan Plant Haulage
Vaughan Plant Haulage
AbHaulier services customer chh
Continental Holiday Homes