Haulier time spent producing an abnormal load notification

Recently Highways England released a new Abnormal Loads notification template which they announced would soon become mandatory for abnormal load notifications made to all Highways England Areas administered directly in house by Highways England.

Currently these Areas are East Midlands, North East, North Lancashire & Cumbria and the South West. More are in the pipeline. If a haulier chooses not to use the new template form, their alternative notification methods are to use ESDAL2 or their alternative ‘xml’ file compilation (their API).

This new ‘pdf’ template requires manual completion by hauliers. As shown, this is difficult, slow and inaccurate in respect of the route details. It will result in significant, sometimes very significant, increased notification costs for the majority of hauliers and inaccurate and imprecise route information for structure owners and police authorities using ESDAL to view abnormal load notifications.

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