16th July 2019

Cascade Software announces the launch of AbLoads Police, advanced abnormal load management software for Police Authorities

Cascade proudly works with structure owners and abnormal load hauliers, supplying software or an outsourced service. We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our suite of products for abnormal load management, AbLoads Police.

AbLoads Police is sophisticated Abnormal Loads management and checking software for Police Authorities to manage the movement of abnormal loads through their area. The software manages the complete notification process for a police authority from receipt of each notification to approval or rejection and onward communication. Selected notifications can be automatically processed and checked, providing the operator with a report that details only those notifications that have failed the checking process and that require the operator’s involvement for further action. Notifications that have passed the automated checking process are managed and responded to automatically without operator intervention.

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Haulier time spent producing an abnormal load notification

Recently Highways England released a new Abnormal Loads notification template which they announced would soon become mandatory for abnormal load notifications made to all Highways England Areas administered directly in house by Highways England.

Currently these Areas are East Midlands, North East, North Lancashire & Cumbria and the South West. More are in the pipeline. If a haulier chooses not to use the new template form, their alternative notification methods are to use ESDAL2 or their alternative ‘xml’ file compilation (their API).

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AbHaulier LT - free notification softwareAbHaulier LT update - the number of downloads of AbHaulier LT has exceeded all expectations. The overwhelming response from hauliers clearly demonstrates the overwhelming need for a free and easy to use abnormal load notification tool.

Cascade Software, the Abnormal Load Software and Service Specialists is delighted to announce the release of AbHaulier LT, a completely free software tool that enables hauliers to submit abnormal load notifications to police and structure owning authorities. AbHaulier LT is available immediately via here.

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How to manage and check Abnormal Load NotificationsAn updated overview of the notification process and  the options currently available to Structure Owning Authorities

This updated paper looks at the current STGO legislation covering the notification of abnormal load movements, how well the process works in a commercial environment, whether it effectively protects
the structural assets it was designed to safeguard, and the options available to Structure Owning Authorities to best manage the notifications they receive.

Read the White Paper by John Waterfall MA FICE MCIHT, Chairman, Cascade Software Limited.

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Dorset & Cheshire East outsourceCascade Software, the Abnormal Loads Software and Service Specialists, is delighted to announce that it has been selected by Dorset County Council and Cheshire East Highways to provide a dedicated abnormal loads management and checking service to hauliers submitting abnormal load notifications to both structure owning authorities.

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