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How AbLoads Police Service works

Never process a notification again

we will do it for you

How AbLoads Police Service works

Leave your notification obligations to the professionals. We make it easy for you to stay compliant without having to manage the notification process yourself.

Specialist resource released

Many abnormal load movements could be considered low risk, whether they are regular, repeating movements or those with smaller load dimensions. But they still require checking and, with smaller dimensions, there’s only two working days to get the check done. That’s where we come in, taking away the daily drudge of notification paperwork and releasing specialist resource to focus on larger movements and those requiring a police escort.

Police or self-escort requirements identified
You won’t lose control of the process
We use specialist software, AbLoads Police
Detailed restriction checking
Dispensation management included
Professional, experienced service
No staffing resource headaches due to staff absence

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