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Keep C.A.L.M, you're in safe hands

Centralisted Abnormal Load Management

Why check the same notification as your neighbours?

Have you considered that you and your neighbouring authorities are receiving and checking the same abnormal load notifications, each at an individual cost? Centralised Abnormal Load Management centralises the checking process for neighbouring authorities.

Economy of scale reduces the cost of notification checking

A high number of abnormal loads can cross several county lines incurring a checking cost for each authority. Why not achieve an economy of scale by checking the notification just once. Centralised Abnormal Load Management reduces the cost of processing and checking notifications for each member authority.

Targeted abloads relevant information flow

Using our specialised software, we check the notification against every structure along the notified route, whether the asset belongs to you or your neighbour. We ensure you only receive relevant alerts and communications regarding your structural assets, not your neighbours. We can also ensure other departments or colleagues in your authority are kept informed with information relevant to them without overloading their inbox with unnecessary emails.

We already provide C.A.L.M

Combining the abnormal load checking process across authorities is something we already do for West of England Combined Authority which includes South Gloucestershire Council, Bath & North East Somerset Council and Bristol City Council.

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Why abnormal load notification checking should be a priority

One government study has suggested that the passage of a 40 tonne vehicle has the same damage effect on a structure as 9,000 cars severely reducing their useful life.

We manage abnormal load notifications on behalf of

Have you seen our White Paper? How to manage and check Abnormal Load Notifications