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Why hauliers choose AbHaulier

You'll wonder how you coped without AbHaulier

Top 10 reasons why 400 hauliers choose to notify using AbHaulier

We’re pretty confident that there are more than ten reasons. But, based on what our customers tell us here are the top 10 reasons why hauliers, crane and plant hire companies choose AbHaulier as their preferred notification method.

1. It’s super fast

AbHaulier has all the tools you need for rapid notification submission. Start a new notification, get your route and authorities, and send your notification in less than a minute and two.

2. The mapping is awesome
3. It's easy to use
4. It’s accepted by ‘ESDAL’ only authorities
5. Drivers love the notifications
6. It saves time and money
7. The support is superb
8. It’s got built in email
9. There's short notice call exemption to some authorities
10. Cascade provides notification cover if I’m away from the office

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