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AbLoads Police software

Rapid notification checking

to save you time

Manages all notification types

for increased haulier compliance

Advanced police restriction checking

Self & police escort analysis of the notified route

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

Police dispensation management

Automatic data entry for notifications

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

Data analysis for movement trends

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

Complete notification audit trail for every notification

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

Short notice notifications automatically highlighted

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

Customisable automated response facility

(even 'ESDAL only' authorities)

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Process STGO notifications, C & U notifications, notifications quickly and accurately.

How the software can help you

AbLoads Police is an advanced abnormal load service for rapid notification processing.