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AbLoads Service book a demo

Reduce your in-house costs without

compromising your asset protection

You'll never need to process an abnormal load notification again

Reducing operating costs is a key goal. The actual net savings gained by outsourcing your abnormal loads management to Cascade Software are significant compared to delivering the same service in-house.

Meet online via Teams and we will take you through our AbLoads Service, the software we use and answer all your questions (we bet there’s one about structure data too!)

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We make iteasyfor you

Once we have received your request, we will contact you by email to arrange a suitable date and time to meet. We look forward to seeing you online and talking all things abnormal loads.

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How AbLoads Service works

Abnormal load management is our core business, and we love what we do. Find out more about our AbLoads Service.

Centralised abnormal load management

Have you considered that you and your neighbouring authorities are receiving and checking the same abnormal load notifications, each at an individual cost? That’s why we offer Centralised Abnormal Load Management.

We manage abnormal load notifications on behalf of

Have you seen our White Paper? How to manage and check Abnormal Load Notifications