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How AbLoads Service works

We are abnormal load management specialists

How AbLoads Service works

We can’t promise to answer all your questions, but we’ve covered some of the juicy bits below. If you’d like to meet online, we can show you the AbLoads software we use as well as covering all aspects of the notification checking service in much more detail.

We use the best Abnormal loads software available
AbLoads is totally unique and comprehensive specialist software developed by Cascade. It’s the driving force behind the all-inclusive service we provide to structure owners.

Correctly protected structures

Each installation of AbLoads is operated on behalf of a structure owner who has taken a positive decision to better protect their structural from the passage of abnormal loads. AbLoads incorporates runtime versions of Cascade’s bridge assessment software. The check of each bridge on a route is effectively a simplified assessment of that bridge for the notified vehicle, which is then directly compared with the effects of the assessed capacity loading(s) - ALL (HA), HB, SV, SO and individual Special Vehicle assessments.

Sophisticated structure modelling, even for complex bridges

The structure modelling used by AbLoads models the bridge structure as a whole, taking full account of bridge span values and articulation i.e.. the nature of the connections between the component parts of the bridge. The effect of the vehicle, represented by its axle loads and spacings, is maximised by moving it across the bridge in both directions, a process that can lead AbLoads to evaluate as many as 100 load cases for a typical multispan continuous bridge.

The AbLoads engine uses ALL (HA), HB, SV, SO and individual Special Vehicle assessments. It also provides a facility for complex (special) bridges to be fully modelled and checked.

AbLoads doesn’t need perfect structure data

If structure and/or capacity data is available at a lower level, the AbLoads checking engine has secondary simple and default checks which still take account of full vehicle dimensions.

Although there remains an element of conservatism in the AbLoads checking engine, it provides a check which is as safe and secure to the authority and as fair to the haulier as it is practicable to go without detailed engineer involvement.

We have over 30 years experience
You won't lose control, data or detail
Your structural assets are properly protected and preserved
We free up your time for other priorities
Proactive information to those that need to know
AbLoads comprehensively checks every bridge for every vehicle
Professional & timely service
We check streetworks along the route too
Encouraging 100% STGO compliance
Working with police for further compliance checks
Haulier indemnities managed
Supporting compliant hauliers
Monthly management reporting

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Centralised abnormal load management

Have you considered that you and your neighbouring authorities are receiving and checking the same abnormal load notifications, each at an individual cost? That’s why we offer Centralised Abnormal Load Management.

Why abnormal load notification checking should be a priority

One government study has suggested that the passage of a 40 tonne vehicle has the same damage effect on a structure as 9,000 cars severely reducing their useful life.

We manage abnormal load notifications on behalf of

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